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Tax Preparation

We’ll take your taxes off your hands—literally.

Have you prepared your own taxes in the past but find yourself in a new or complex situation, like an inheritance, the sale of a rental property, or starting a business? Have you not filed in several years? We’ll educate you on the tax code and your options, as well as ensure your transactions are properly filed.

All you have to do is give us your tax documents in a shoebox, digital folder, or any old container. We’ll make sense of them and make sure you get every deduction available to you. We're here to answer your questions all year to keep you on track and plan for the year ahead.

Why choose Shoebox for your tax prep?
  • Just hand over all your files in a box (so easy)
  • Work with federally-licensed tax practitioner
  • Avoid sticker shock with our value driven pricing
  • Get your taxes filed for you, electronically

Comprehensive tax planning

When April 15th comes around, you’ll be ready.

What’s the best way to make sure tax time goes smoothly for your business? Prepare early and often. We offer year-round advice to keep your business in compliance and make sure the IRS doesn’t catch you off guard.

Most CPAs assess your financial situation at the turn of the year, often too late to make any changes for your tax filing. We’re proactive and stay connected throughout the year so you’re fully aware of what you’ll need to declare and pay, well ahead of the deadline.

Why choose Shoebox for your tax planning?
  • Have experienced advisors looking out for your interests year-round
  • Work with us at our comfortable office (when needed)
  • Work with us remotely for your convenience
  • Avoid any unexpected tax bills

Bookkeeping and payroll

Giving you more time to focus on your big vision.

Managing your books and payroll are a critical part of your business — but they’re also a distraction. Time spent tracking transactions is time you could be spending on activities to help grow your business and reach your goals.

Our dedicated, experienced team can handle all the day-to-day financial tasks of your business so you don’t have to. We’ll keep your books and payroll on track, including W2s and 1099s. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a mid-sized company, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose Shoebox for your books and payroll?
  • Free up time for more productive business activities
  • Combine with our tax services for total financial oversight

Fair prices, no surprises.

We charge a fair rate for all of our services. What we bill you for what you need is upfront and transparent — so you never have to worry about racking up a big, hourly bill. Prices are determined based on your unique situation. Contact us for a custom quote.

Take taxes off your to-do list

And put them on ours—so you can get them done right and focus on far less complicated things.