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Time is Money. Keep more of both by working with a professional tax advisor.

Time is Money. Keep more of both by working with a professional tax advisor.

Mar 07, 2022

Ever go to one of those websites with a Salesperson in the lower corner waiting for you to type in your questions? Mine is always a bot that doesn’t understand what I need. What about you?

Tax software is just a bot. Don’t get me wrong. Tax prep software that you do yourself has improved by leaps and bounds but it can never replace a Shoebox Tax Prep pro. It will never ask you that nuanced question to your unique situation to maximize your return.

What’s your time worth? If you bake/sell/produce for one hour, what do you earn? If you’re stuck on the phone for a couple of hours dealing with vendors, do you get frustrated? You’ve just lost that time when you could be making money running your business instead of dealing with hassles. If you spent that “lost time” doing what you do best could you make $40 an hour? $80? $300? Same goes with tax preparation.

Studies have shown that small biz folks spend anywhere from 19-40+ hours doing their taxes. How much time do you spend? Realize that means time spent gathering receipts, organizing invoices, adding up all the totals, and finding dedicated time to do all these things so you’re not bothered. Does it take you a day or two to get it all done - even with your online bookkeeping software?

What does each of those hours mean to your lost revenue? Shoebox Tax Prep might SAVE you money by taking the headache of taxes off your To Do list and letting you do what makes you money.

Think of Shoebox Tax Prep as a ‘Doctor for your Wallet’. If you’re in pain, you ask your doc for advice to get better. If you want tax season to be "easy peasy", ask the experts at Shoebox Tax Prep for smart ideas for your money.

Shoebox Tax Prep with offices in Sandy Springs and Savannah Georgia will make the most out of the tax gold in your shoebox of receipts so you can happily focus on your business.

Take taxes off your to-do list

And put them on ours—so you can get them done right and focus on far less complicated things.

We can now make your taxes easy in Atlanta and Savannah!