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Collection Time!

Collection Time!

Dec 28, 2019

You might be wondering what you need to do to as you prepare to file your taxes. The first step is “collection”. The easiest way to make sense of all those tax documents you receive over the next couple of months is simply to toss them into a shoebox (or other centralized collection point), and give it to us to let our experts make sense of it all. You should have most of your documents by February 15th, and all of them by March 15th. Your “shoebox” may be an actual shoebox, an envelope, or a digital folder.

Be on the lookout for any documents label “Tax Information” and forms that begin with:

Other tax information from your personal records may include details for:

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are still accepting new clients and would be glad to help anyone you care about with their tax preparation.

Take taxes off your to-do list

And put them on ours—so you can get them done right and focus on far less complicated things.