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As an individual or sole proprietor with complex taxes, where can you go for year round quality service? At the low-cost, high-churn chains, you get what you pay for. Meanwhile, at Shoebox Tax Preparation, you get our high level of personalized service at value driven pricing.

At Shoebox Tax Prep, we offer the best of both worlds: high quality tax preparation and advice throughout the year at a great value. Every client who walks into our office is a VIP, and will be granted our undivided attention and personalized financial advice.

Brooke Foxman

Brooke Foxman

Business Development Coordinator

Kelsey Thomas

Kelsey Thomas

Tax Prep Coordinator

Ricky Moore

Ricky Moore, CPA

Tax Advisor

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And put them on ours – so you can get them done right and focus on far less complicated things. We can now make your taxes easy in Atlanta and Savannah!

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